Q. What's most important?
Everyone must sign a waiver. Under 19 years old will need to have their legal guardian sign. Print and sign ahead of time especially for the kids arriving in groups. Here's the waiver.

Q. Which attraction is best?
The 2km Guided Zipline Tour is seven (7) long ziplines one-after-the other... a premium choice for excitement and sweeping valley views. There are racing lines for speed and slack-line pendulum rides.

Q. Who can do the premium Guided Zipline tour?
Anyone 50-270lbs (no age limit). This is an adventure you can bring the whole gang and each enjoys the experience. Some hang quietly. Some tuck, race and swing upside down. All minors (under 18yo) require a guardian signature on their waiver.

Q. What is admission?
There are three price points starting at $20 for Kids Play. Adult Premium Zipline tour is $99. The Aerial Park is less than half the cost of the Guided Ziplining. See Hours & Pricing.

Q. What is in the new Adventure Park area?
A high ropes Aerial Park and Freefall Quickjump (for those 4'8" and up). As well, Little Monkeys Play Park for kids 3 to 11 years old.

Q. Are there ziplines in the Aerial Park?
Yes. The tree-top trekking includes ziplines, obstacles and swings.

Q. How long are the ziplines?
Our premium zipline tour includes 1500' lines. The Aerial Park has shorter lines.

Q. Can I accompany my child in Little Monkey Play Park?
Yes, and you can see them from the paths below the kid-size aerial course. Parents can assist little ones in the obstacles (no charge) - the kids course is very challenging for those over 4ft tall though!

Q. What should I wear?
Footwear should be closed-toed and securely fastened. NO flip-flops, rubber boots, or high heels. Clothing should be loose, comfortable, durable and weather appropriate. It is recommended that long hair be tied back. Items not recommended include jewelry and watches.

Q. How long does it take?
You may come for only a QuickJump (20 minutes). Allow 5 hours to explore the entire Adventure Park. Guided Zipline Tour is 2.5 hours. Aerial Park Trekking is 2.5 hours. Arrive 20 minutes before your tour time.

Q. How long is the drive?
Driving time from Kelowna and Vernon is about 30 minutes. Allow time for a swim while in Lake Country after your adventure!

Q. Where are you located?
Midway between Vernon and Kelowna BC. Take Pelmewash Parkway and drive between Kalamalka Lake and Wood Lake then up the hill towards Oyama Lake 5 minutes.

Q. When is it open?
April - October. Dates vary through the season. Early Spring and late Fall open weekends only. Spring and Fall we are typically open Thurs-Sunday, though groups can schedule school field trip tours or group tours. Summer tours operate every 45 minutes, 7 days per week. When you do online booking dates and tour times are displayed.

Q. How to Book?
Check the availability on the day you want to come. Book online or call 1-888-ZIP-AT-OZ.

Q. Can I change the ticket?
We are very fair and reasonable. The tickets you purchased may be transferred to another person/s should you be unable to use your reservation. If for any reason you are unable to make your zip lining reserved tour time, you may re-book an alternate date with 48 hours notice.

Q. Can I get a refund?
Full refunds are available if you notify our reception more than 48hrs in advance of your tour time. For bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, 50% of your booking amount will be applied to your credit card. 100% will be charged with less than 12 hours notice.  We will always do our best to reschedule your tour to another time and/or date.

Q. What if I'm late for my tour time?
We will hold a tour only 5 minutes. When the zipvan has left guest services, the tour is officially closed. Participants who are late for their scheduled tour will no longer be able to board this tour.  No refund will be given however all efforts will be made to find a secondary tour time for them.

Q. What are the rules?
No smoking outside the gravel parking lot due to the high volatility of our prized forest and neighbourhood. Items not permitted while participating include tobacco products, gum, candy, alcohol or drugs. Guests should not be under the influence of any recreational or prescription drugs or alcohol that could impair their ability to walk, balance or communicate.

Q: Is it safe?
We do everything to mitigate the risk by going over above what is mandated by BC Safety Authority.  We are constantly reviewing policies and procedures to ensure that they are of the highest level. Reviews from customers emphasize that our facility and employees make them feel safe and secure.

Q: What other precautions does Oyama Zipline take?
Our employees are certified and continue enhanced training throughout the season. As well, all guides are required to have first aid training.

Q: What safety inspections are done?
All of our safety gear and the course is inspected daily. We are mandated by BC Safety Authority and recently had a full inspection with no infractions. Each season the course is inspected by this independent organization as well as a certified engineer.